Finding Inspiration


Touring public gardens is a great way to find inspiration.  I recently had the opportunity to tour Tower Hill Gardens in Boylston, MA ( which serves as the headquarters of the Worcester County Horticultural Society [WCHS]. WCHS was incorporated in 1842 as a non-profit educational organization for the purpose of advancing the science and encouraging and improving the practice of horticulture. What a gem it is!

The welcoming entrance

The garden is small, but welcoming.  After passing through the entrance, you are embraced by a vegetable garden dotted with ornamental plant supports.

The vegetable garden

Amazing texture and color contrast

Around the corner from the vegetable garden is a cottage garden where modern and old combine in an interesting and harmonious way.

The unique fireplace, constructed of brick and stone, was quite the focal point.

A meandering path planted with Carex and Geranium guided me to the expansive lawn garden. 

The Colchicums and Hydrangeas provided a punch of color set off by the lush green lawn.

My next stop was the woodland garden.  Here the statues kept me company along the path. 

A gazebo in the clearing served as a place to look for creatures in the nearby pond. It was also a great venue for taking in the fall color in the surrounding landscape.


In less than an hour I had made my way around Tower Hill and found myself back at the main building. I loved the whimsy of the red leaves paired with the red wagons – priceless!


I took a quick tour of the courtyard before I left.  It was a more formal place, but equally beautiful.  I particularly loved the fountains and urns that were perfectly balanced with grasses and vines. 

I hope you enjoyed my tour of Tower Hill. It truly is a magical, comfortable and inviting public space.  Until next time…..

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