Transforming My Woodland

You asked for information about how I have transformed my home landscape.  Today I am delivering on that request!
My property was a mess when I moved in 13 years ago.  What is now an informally landscaped woodland trail was then a dumping ground for old engines, mangled gutters and fallen trees. I had a vision for a meandering path that would lead garden visitors on a journey through the woods, which I am happy to report I now have! 
The plantings along the woodland trail have been placed over time and continue to evolve to this day.  My goal was to have all season interest with bulbs in the spring, followed by the emergence of hellebores, ferns, astilbe, corydalis, hydrangea and more.  I wanted to take advantage of the large boulders as natural garden art and make use of a rock pile by creating a river of yellow out of self-seeing corydalis.  See below for before and after photos.  What do you think?

The untouched woods behind my home.
The transformed woodland trail in the spring.


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