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I promised I would share more gardens from my trip to the UK in August.  There were so many amazing sites, it’s hard to edit – but here’s my best shot!
I was inspired by Cholmondeley Castle on many fronts.  First of all, the place was owned by an elderly woman in her late 80’s named Lady Lavinia, who still actively directed her gardeners to implement her vision.  And what a vision it was!

The castle itself was overwhelmingly striking; it beckoned visitors to draw near.


The white garden combined plants with ornamental fencing to create a color balance.


Our guide told us that the owners planted specimen trees when they first bought the property.  This favorite of mine commanded attention like a performer on stage.

Lavinia created a bathing scene with stone statuary that was accented by bold-foliage plants, adding vibrancy to the soft mood.

Glansevern Hall was another private estate, recently purchased by a younger couple who shared the original owners’ passion for using the landscape to complement the buildings in perfect harmony.

I particularly loved the monochromatic color scheme in front of the house.

The juxtaposition of manicured and un-manicures spaces was used to guide the visitor through the surrounding landscape.    

The final garden I’ll share with you from my UK trip was Bodysgallen Hall.  Bodysgallen was a private estate turned luxury hotel.  If you have the budget, I suggest you go.  Not only were the gardens amazing, but the tea and cookies were to die for!

You can see why I recommend this as a destination getaway.  Who couldn’t relax in this amazing setting?

Along with the vegetables, I found the best specimen of all, a happy gardener!

As I reflect on my trip, I
realize that all these gardens were spectacular because of people.  People
who invisioned them, people who implemented them, and people who cared for
them.  And in return, these gardens rewarded visitors with lasting
impressions and wonderful memories. 


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