Mum is the Word

Fall is a season I enjoy on many levels.  I’m thankful for the explosion of color
nature provides and the opportunity to make free mulch from the plethora of
leaves that tumble to the ground.  I’m
enthralled by the plants that provide their best seasonal display this time of
year including Toad Lily, Beautyberry, and Winterberry Holly.   I even
enjoy knowing that after I put the garden to sleep for the season, I’ll be able
to focus on some long-neglected indoor projects like planning next year’s

One event I always look forward to in the fall is the
Chrysanthemum Festival at nearby Longwood Gardens.  Longwood transforms its 4 acre Conservatory
into an awe-inspiring display of chrysanthemums.  Over 80,000 mums are nurtured and trained
into inspiring forms including shields, spirals, cascades, and balls.  The crown jewel, as Longwood describes it, is
a Thousand Bloom Mum featuring more than 1500 perfectly arranged flowers – the
largest of its kind grown outside of Asia. 
One of the Longwood gardeners told me that the training of this amazing
display started a year ago.  Now that’s a
demonstration of patience and perseverance!

Thousand bloom mum surrounded by a thousand lanterns

I hope you enjoy this virtual tour and that you will take
the opportunity to visit the display yourselves.  Remember, touring Longwood Gardens is a
wonderful way to walk off those extra Thanksgiving Day calories! 

A waterfall of mums

A fabulous fall container with Hakone grass and of course, mums!

One of the Fancy Brigade, an Irregular Incurve Mum Chrysanthemum x morifolium ‘Hagoromo’

This unusual spoon mum took my breath away


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