Living the Dream…

One of my dearest friends often calls me after a long day of yard work to tell me that she’s been ‘living the dream.’  I always get a big chuckle out of that phone call and the sarcasm in her voice.  Truth is, working outside in my garden or someone else’s is a dream to me; it’s clearly my passion.  That’s why I thought I’d focus today’s blog on some of my favorite garden sayings, as they appropriately relate to life and my view that gardening and landscape design are my joie de vivre, my reason for being, and my therapy!

This quote speaks volumes to me.  Whether I am pruning bushes, weeding, or designing a new planting bed, I live in the garden.  There’s nothing like digging in the dirt, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun on my back, and listening to the birds.  All experiences that are found in my garden, where I come to life. 

I can’t tell you how often a client tells me they want ‘low maintenance’ or ‘no maintenance.’  I try to explain that every garden requires work.  That’s another thing I love about gardening – it is hard work.  It requires planning, physical stamina, and ongoing commitment.  It requires that we learn to be observant and patient and adapt to changing circumstances.  Very similar to every other successful relationship and life experience.  I am thankful for the effort required and the life lessons our gardens teach us.  The labor and love we invest in our gardens will reap rewards for years to come through year-round beauty, and if we are lucky, a lasting legacy. 

My garden is my canvas and I love the fact that I can change the painting any time I want.  Sometimes nature forces me to make changes; other times I’m just not happy with the aesthetics of a space and I want to try something else.  Occasionally I discover a plant I can’t live without and I find a place on my canvas to squeeze it in.  I love being an artist in the garden; the experience fuels my soul and nurtures my creative energy.

I hope I have inspired you with some of my favorite gardening quotes.  Perhaps you’ll share a favorite saying of your own.  Maybe you have gained a new appreciation for the effort a garden takes, or changed your perspective to view your garden as a blank slate and not a burden.  Go ahead, give it a try – get out there and live the dream!     

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