Nature’s Carpet

I religiously attend a Bikram yoga class each Sunday morning. The 90 minute class is conducted in a room that is 104 degrees with high humidity. In these conditions we do 26 postures, each one twice. The yoga studio owner calls the Sunday morning class the ‘Church of Carolyn’ because the instructor, Carolyn, has a loyal following. In almost every class, Carolyn encourages us to look up. She reminds us that our friends are at eye level, not on the ground where our gaze often falls as we concentrate on doing the postures 100% correctly.

I typically respond to Carolyn’s request to look up when I’m in the yoga studio, but when I’m walking outside this time of year, my focus is on the ground. I’m not looking down because I am afraid of tripping on a pile of walnuts, although that is a valid concern. I’m looking down because we are given an amazing display this time of year that can be found under our feet if we take the time to look for it.  

The subtle grays and pastels of partially decomposed leaves make a beautiful tapestry.
The bright yellow Ginkgo leaves contrast beautifully with the darker leaves.
Yews pair beautifully with the faded Ginkgo leaves.
The maple leaves, with their reddish tones, stand out against the green grass, demonstrating the power of complementary colors. 
The dark mulch serves as a backdrop for a menagerie of colorful leaves.
A larger pattern is created with brilliant oranges and faded yellows.  
I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy to have any of these ‘carpet samples’ hanging on my wall to look at day in and day out. Maybe that’s the perfect solution. My yoga instructor Carolyn would be happy that I’m looking up, but I’d still be taking in the colors and patterns of Mother Nature’s carpeting. 

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