The Garden Club

December is a hectic month for most people. Shopping, celebrating, card writing, baking, eating and more! That’s why it’s the most important month to take care of yourself and to make sure you are getting the time you need to relax, unwind and rejuvenate your body and spirit. I am guilty of the go-go-go syndrome associated with the holiday season. Add continued garden cleanup to the mix and there is not much time for restful sleep or self-care.

I was reminded of the need to be mindful during a recent visit to DC to help a good friend celebrate her birthday. Although we were celebrating the anniversary of her birth, she was the one giving out gifts to her friends. Every attendee at the birthday brunch received a ‘Little Book of Affirmations’ which included a meditation for each week of the year.

My little book which contains big messages

The book was inspired by Ani Trime Lhamo, a Tibetan Buddhist nun and former ‘West Virginia mountain girl who used to ride her motorcycle in a black leather jacket.’ Like me, she experienced a life altering career change. As I began to read my new book I realized our lives were more similar than not.

Ani believed that we should not trust our negative thoughts so easily since they create our life experience. She felt we could train our minds towards healing and positive thoughts and away from negativity. She called her meditation group ‘The Garden Club’ since she was convinced you can plant different seeds in your mind to see what grows. These seeds become a toolkit for a more open and healthier mind. In 2016 at the age of 88, Ani set out to provide a meditation for each week of the year to be used as a tool to tend the mind’s garden. Although she passed away before completing this important work, her followers carried out her plan resulting in the Affirmations book I now own and treasure.

Illustrations remind us to choose joy over negativity

Let this blog post, my final one for 2019, be a gentle reminder to be kind to others and to yourself. I echo the book’s lessons and wish that what flowers in your garden be clarity, freshness and joy. Happy holidays all. Here’s to a wonderful, happy and healthy 2020!