zurich botanic garden

Global Inspiration

I make it a point to seek out gardens when I travel. Quite honestly I can’t help myself as I find inspiration in every garden I visit. During a recent trip to Zurich, Switzerland after a rigorous five day hiking trip in the countryside, I meandered through the small botanic garden located adjacent to the University of Zurich. Locals seemed to enjoy the small space as much as tourists and I can’t blame them since access to the garden is free to all.

Zurich Botanic Garden
Enjoying a view of the biospheres from a shady spot

Biospheres contained tropical and desert specimens, while a water garden featured lily pads reminiscent of what you would see at Philadelphia area gardens like Chanticleer and Longwood Gardens. A woodland setting provided shade perfect for reading or enjoying an afternoon snooze.

Zurich Botanic Garden
The lily pad garden
Zurich Botanic Garden
Inside the tropical biosphere

Display areas highlighted plant material for residential landscapes. As in the United States and in other parts of the word, use of native plant material was recommended to attract pollinators and to support the environment.

Zurich Botanic Garden
A pollinator habitat

I noticed that those maintaining the garden were not quick to deadhead or remove spent blooms, instead leaving them for ornamentation. My impression was that the naturalistic plant movement was as alive in Zurich as it was across the globe.

Zurich Botanic Garden
Seed heads added interest
Zurich Botanic Garden
A naturalistic border flanked the stairway

While it didn’t take long to visit the approximately five acre garden, I left relaxed and refreshed. I related to the space on many levels and particularly liked the statue of the woman holding her foot; I felt her pain after hiking ten miles a day in the Alps. I too needed a foot rub!

Zurich Botanic Garden
I felt her pain after my hiking trip!

When you have the opportunity to visit a public or private garden, take it. I promise you will be inspired by something whether that’s a structure, sculpture, design or plant.

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